Activated Charcoal Powder – All Natural Whitening Teeth and Facial Masks


Facial Scrubs, Knee Lightening, Underarm Lightening, Homemade Eyeliner & Mascara


  • Cleans your Teeth. Activated charcoal powder helps cleaning your teeth. It helps you to clean your mouth by changing your ph balance to clean your teeth dip to your brush onto the powder and brush your teeth as normal.
  • Skin Lightening. Activated charcoal exfoliates your skin, it removes the dark dead skin.
  • Professional Hair Care. Activated charcoal deeply cleans your hair toxins and won’t leave a residue like another shampoo. So, your hair will feel lighter.
Charcoal is made from coal of wood and other substances, when we combine high temperature in the process allowing charcoal to expand its surface area it becomes “activated charcoal powder.”
That is the reason it can attract other substances to its surface. As it has internal spaces and can trap chemicals. This is the main reason for it actively cleans your body and hair. Note that activated charcoal is not same as cooking charcoal.
Make a Mask Active charcoal mask absorbs excess oil and gently exfoliate, you can make one using our activated charcoal powder. Take some charcoal powder and add two tablespoons of non-toxic glue to it. Add a half tablespoon of water to the mixture. Mix the ingredients well until the charcoal powder dissolves in the glue. Clean your face and wet it with water or oil. Apply the mixture on the face using a soft brush and ensure you apply a thin layer of the mask. Leave the mask for 30 minutes to dry up until the edges start to peel off. Then slowly peel off the mask upward. Rinse with lukewarm water and then moisturize.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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