6 Bath Bombs with NAUTICAL MARINE Toys



OUR BATH BOMBS ARE DEFINITELY WHAT YOU NEED! SAFETY IS ABOVE ALL! We fully understand the importance of our products to be absolutely safe for health, especially because they are commonly used by kids. That’s why we use only organic ingredients, essential and apricot oils and mixes of vitamins A and E to create our bath bombs – so they are absolutely harmless and non-allergic.

BEST KIDS TOYS 6 NAUTICAL THEME TOYS IN ONE PACK Choosing our product, you will get 6 different colors, 6 various aromas, 6 fascinating NAUTICAL theme Figures toys, and a lot of fun from fizzy foam and sparkles just in one pack! Moreover, you will get an interesting E-book for your kids.

YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE TO BATH Only popular and beloved among kids aromas were used in the production of our bath bombs – candy crush, bubble gum, lavender, monkey farts, cocoa kiss, and cotton candy. The fragrances are SAFE and smell nicely and naturally, not harsh.

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Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in


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