1 Bath Bomb with JEWELRY SWAN NECKLACE Inside


Great gift for Mermaid Lovers!


✅ BATH BOMB WITH SURPRISE INSIDE – Bath bombs are nothing new these days but when the necklace appeared, that’s something different. Ultra-relaxing and fizzy bath bomb with SWAN jewelry necklace inside, making it perfect for Mother’s Day, birthday gift, spa/bath gifts for the special one, perfect gifts for the women you love: mom, wife, girlfriend, and even yourself!

✅ ENJOY A FUN BUBBLE BATH – There are no harsh irritants that could irritate your or your kid’s skin. All ingredients used help cleanse, deodorize, and repair skin promoting healthier younger-looking skin.

✅ UNIQUE AROMA – Those looking for a luxurious experience should definitely choose this bath bomb with jewelry inside. Unlike usual relax bath bombs that are so small, this one has the perfect 8 OZ. WEIGHT that will leave your skin supple and silky smooth.

✅ NO TUB STAINS – Delight your senses with the cool and amazing scent that does not leave a ring around your tub, with no oil residue, and no color stain that will fill any room with instant fresh smell, giving you both an unforgettable visual and tactile impression.

✅PERFECT AND SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS – Tired of fighting with your kids to get them to take a bath? Need something that your little ones will simply adore? There is nothing like seeing a smile on your kid’s face. That is why these bodies restore bubble bath bomb will turn whining into cheering, giving them the best bubble bath ever!

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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